Usb Flash 98 Driver

usb flash 98 driver

With storage media becoming more and more necessary to transport large files, it is a necessity to have a USB Flash Drive in your pocket. Sometimes refer.

usb flash 98 driver

USB Flash Drive driver for Windows 95 OSR/2.1. As some people may know I am a big fan of Windows 95 because it can be installed without any web browser.

USBGEARS usb DRIVER SUPPORT PAGE Windows 95/98: Windows ME: Windows 2000: Mac: USB Serial Adapter Cable w/Removable CableNEW.

Hello Maximus, I have problems with this USB package and Mitsumi USB Floppy drive. The system is freshly installed Windows 98 SE drivers SE SP 2.0 RC3.

usb flash 98 driver

Udisk Flash Disk USB Device last downloaded: 26.12.2015 - 2016 version. 33 Users. Download Rating: 84. Driver software: udisk Flash Disk USB Device - windows driver.

How can you quickly fix and format your USB flash drives and make it functional again for optimal use. USB flash drives are a great data storage and safe data.

USB devices are known as Plug and Play, which means Windows usually detects devices when they are plugged in and, if necessary, automatically installs drivers.

How to Install a USB Driver. Over the past several years, the USB port has become more and more popular. From printers to hard drives, it seems almost every piece of.


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DRIVER NEEDED: SanDisk Cruzer Micro Flash Drive U3 Windows 98 USB

Does anyone know where I can locate a driver that will allow my SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive w/ U3 to run on Windows 98SE. I ve heard there is a generic driver that will allow its use. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Support Information:

Device Type: Removable drive

Manufacturer: SanDisk

Model: Cruzer Micro Flash Drive U3

Interface: USB

Operating System: Windows 98

Age of Device:


Find it on DriverGuide Find it with Google Research manufacturer SanDisk


Re: DRIVER NEEDED: SanDisk Cruzer Micro Flash Drive U3 Windows 98 USB

I used the link you posted, Jerry K, but it sent me to a screen saying modify, repair, or remove. i went to repair and it didn t work

i already installed the driveer from sandisks sitebut when i turn on my computer, it says i need a driver and tells me to find it or let windowslook for itneither action seems to work. my comp is old, from 2001 so probably usb 1.1. cruzer is 2.0. but i had another mini cruzer 512mb that worked fine, and it was 2.0

here s the driver site, it unzips a bunch of files and an ini file, but windows tells me to find an inf file for it to work


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I picked up two 2.0 GB Cruzer Micros at Best Buy yesterday for 40 each. I ve been struggling half the day to get them to play nice with Windows 98 SE. I thought I might be out of luck, they are these new smart drives - U3 or something. Google led me here and also to a post on - this thread:


I followed the instructions there and was finally able to see the files on the stick. Explicitly IGot rid of all the mucking around I had done by removing the Cruzer from the computer; deleting any leftover references under My Computer/Properties/Devices; Uninstalling the software under Add/Remove Software. Re-booted.Re-installed the SanDisk Windows 98SE driver that I got from their website. Re-booted.Plugged in the Cruzer.Chose Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you can select the driver you want.Chose Hard disk controllers.Chose SanDisk from the list of manufacturersChose Cruzer Micro USB-Flash-Drive from the device list.Clicked Yes at the warning that I had picked the wrong driver.

When I went to My Computer, I could see the drive, browse, and transfer files.

I hope this helps, I was already looking up the prices of other USB drives and planning a trip to return the two I got on sale.



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Originally Posted by Just Google led me here and also to a post on - this thread:

URL 3911

3911 /url

The link posted on that web page for the driver is invalid: eg:

So where did you get the correct driver.

12-29-2006 choose Downloads from the top menu to get to a driver download page.

I used the one labeled Cruzer Micro non-U3 devices even though my drives are U3 because it was closest to what I have. That link took me to:

with the link to:

which is the driver I used.

Sorry. I had downloaded the driver earlier as I thought had the OP. Finding it was not a problem, the problem seems to be getting Windows 98SE to use it with the newer drives.

PS. This is obviously a little bit of a hack. It s clear SanDisk doesn t want you to use their new U3 drives with Windows 98 or at least they don t want to support that use in any way. I expect it to keep working for me, my Windows 98 system isn t going to change much, but I don t know that it will keep working as the drives keep changing.


Thank You. I bought a U3 Cruzer Micro a while ago and haven t been able to use it on my old Windows 98 laptop, but now I can thanks to your helpful instructions. I don t even have Win98SE, just Win98, and it still worked.

Thanks again.

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I am replying from the information i read from just parking. I did exactly what you said for making the u3 cruzer work for 98se. It worked. I have one question about when you select the driver to use it says this driver may cause problems with the hard drive device. When choosing/using the driver will it cause any damage to my U3 cruzer.

Windows 98 USB Mass Storage Device Drivers usb flash 98 driver DriverGuide Forums

Free Computer Technical Support :: Installing USB Mass Storage Devices on Windows 98

USB flash drives and other USB mass storage based devices are becoming more and more common. Unfortunately, they often do not come with drivers because Windows Me, 2000, XP and Vista all come with generic drivers already installed. This way all you need to do is plug the drive in, Windows will recognise it and you will automatically see the drive in My Computer. Windows 98, especially in it s second edition also known as Windows 98SE, handles USB fairly well, however there are no generic/universal mass storage device drivers preinstalled in the operating system, so you will need to install some additional drivers for it. Some manufacturers do however, provide the Windows 98 drivers on CD, others have them available to download, and others simply do not have them available at all.

If you are using Windows 98, and you do not know the manufacturer of the storage device, or you can t find the drivers, what can you do. Fortunately, there are some generic Windows 98 USB mass storage device drivers available that work with most such devices. This means that these drivers will work with many makes and models of the following:

USB Flash Drives also known as Pen Drives, or Thumb Drives

Digital Photo and Video Cameras that connect to the PC via USB

USB Hard Drives

MP3 Players including Apple iPod from v2.4

Sony PlayStation Portable PSP

Installing the drivers

Before installing the drivers, it is important to know that there are 2 main versions of Windows 98, and they both handle USB differently. You must install the appropriate version of the drivers dependent upon your version of Windows 98. In order to determine your Windows version, please do the following:

Right click on My Computer and select Properties

On the System Properties page that opens up click on the General tab, if it is not already on that page.

Under the System heading, look for the version number see right

Version 4.10.1998 is the original version of Windows 98 98FE

Version 4.10.2222 is Windows 98 Second Edition 98SE

Click the link below for the download and installation instructions for your version of Windows 98


Please click the link for your version of Windows 98:

Windows 98 First Edition 4.10.1998

Windows 98 Second Edition 4.10.2222

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You should note, that these drivers are generic, and they may not work with some devices. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will work with your device.

Please also note that these drivers are not warranted in any way, and no support is offered for them; you use at your own risk. As a precaution, whenever making changes to your operating system, we recommend you do a full system backup. If you do experience any problems, you can always try asking in our forum.