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Dec 24, 2012 - When I run driver installations, it is the former device which the drivers Are you using this wireless adapter card with the ASUS U56E-BBL6.

25 items - Asus u56e Wireless Driver Download – Here you can download the most complete drivers for your Asus u56e notebook. Intel R Centrino R WiMAX 6150. Intel R Centrino R Wireless-N 6150.Device DescriptionIntel R Centrino R WiMAX 6150Intel R Centrino R Wireless-N 6150Asus U56E Notebook Intel WiFi Driver - Free drivers.softpedia.com Drivers Network Card INTELCachedSimilarJun 29, 2012 - Download Asus U56E Notebook Intel WiFi Driver Network Card.

There are only Windows 7 64 bit drivers for Asus U56E. You can also download Intel wireless drivers from downloadcenter.intel.com and.

Oct 2, 2013 - My wireless card in my laptop died and i was ok with that and switched to using Ethernet. I did a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit and now the Re-installed Windows 7 and having trouble connecting to the 24 Jun 2014Can t find a network controller driver for my PC4 Nov 2013Program that auto checks and installs missing drivers20 Mar 2013Asus u56e Laptop Hangs/Freezes16 Jun 2012More results from www.sevenforums.comAsus U56E - Driver Scapewww.driverscape.com/manufacturers/asus/laptops-desktops/u56e/2005CachedSimilarDownload the latest drivers for your Asus U56E to keep your Computer Asus U56E Drivers Download Device Name: Intel R Centrino R Wireless-N 6150.

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  • Driver Tools, U56E, Notebook, U56 Series. Driver Tools. There are 3 download servers available on ASUS. . Wireless 7. Version V6.5.1035.26 Copy.

Driver Tools

There are 3 download servers available on ASUS Download Site - Global, China and P2P. Each server provides exact the same content no matter where you download from, except for the speed which you are connected to.

59 files found

Hotfix 2

Version KB2502789


Microsoft Hotfix

File Size

761.79 KBytesupdate 2011/04/11

Download from


Version KB2482122

729.73 KBytesupdate 2011/04/01


Version 213

BIOS 213

Fix can t switch display mode by Fn F8 in windows.

1.05 MBytesupdate 2012/01/06

Version 211

BIOS 211

Fixed sometimes Asmedia USB3 can t detected.

1.05 MBytesupdate 2011/10/24

Version 208

BIOS 208

Optimize battery performance

1.05 MBytesupdate 2011/08/12

Version 205

BIOS 205

1.Fix USB3.0 port connect to PCH under DOS when P4G disable USB3.

1.05 MBytesupdate 2011/06/13

BIOS-Utilities 1

Version V2.31.1

Windows BIOS Flash Utility

356.51 KBytesupdate 2011/01/05

Chipset 1

Version V9.2.0.1021

Intel INF Update Driver

2.53 MBytesupdate 2011/04/01


Version V6.0.1.6383

Realtek Audio Driver

95.06 MBytesupdate 2011/08/22

Version V6.0.1.6373

86.12 MBytesupdate 2011/07/14


Version V8.15.10.2405

Intel Graphics Driver

81.78 MBytesupdate 2011/08/26

Version V8.15.10.2321

81.77 MBytesupdate 2011/06/02


Version V1.0.2.43

Athros LAN Driver

238.06 KBytesupdate 2011/08/26

Card Reader 1

Version V1.2.0117.08443

Alcor Multi-Card Reader Driver

8.05 MBytesupdate 2011/06/02

TouchPad 3

Version V8.0.5.3

Touchpad driver

11.15 MBytesupdate 2011/07/19

Version V15.3.6.0

43.63 MBytesupdate 2011/06/30

Version V15.2.16.1

38.79 MBytesupdate 2011/05/06


Utilities 24

Version V2.1.39.0

Intel Wireless Display Application

133.36 MBytesupdate 2011/08/10

Version V3.0.3

ASUS Live Update Utility

3.69 MBytesupdate 2011/07/26

Version V2.1.41.0

131.01 MBytesupdate 2011/07/20

Version V1.02.0033

ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology

13.01 MBytesupdate 2011/07/08

Version V1.1.45

Power4Gear Hybrid Utility

10.59 MBytesupdate 2011/06/27

Version V1.0.0010

ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities

7.84 MBytesupdate 2011/06/27

Version V1.0.8

ASUS Scene Switch Utility

2.23 MBytesupdate 2011/06/23

Version V3.0.22

WebCam Utility

21.23 MBytesupdate 2011/05/13

Version V1.0.10

ASUS Fast Boot Utility

966.63 KBytesupdate 2011/04/27

Version V2.6.23.124

ASUS ExpresssGate Utility

446.66 MBytesupdate 2011/04/12

Version V1.1.44

10.6 MBytesupdate 2011/03/23

Version V1.0.0007

ASUS SecureDelete Utility

10.16 MBytesupdate 2011/03/21

Version V1.0.0011

SmartLogon Utility

7.34 MBytesupdate 2011/02/25

Version V1.0.21

ASUS Virtual Camera Utility The Camera driver must be installed.

1.94 MBytesupdate 2011/02/17

Version KB982018

3.2 MBytesupdate 2011/02/16

Version KB981208

1.17 MBytesupdate 2011/02/16

Version KB975599

204.88 KBytesupdate 2011/02/16

Version KB974476

507.37 KBytesupdate 2011/02/16

Version V1.1.0

ASUS FancyStart Utility

16.19 MBytesupdate 2011/01/13

Version KB978535

232.8 KBytesupdate 2011/01/10

Version V1.0.0.3

Keyboard Device Filter Utility

167.25 KBytesupdate 2010/12/20

Version KB978258

507.08 KBytesupdate 2010/12/01

Version V3.0.19

ASUS Wireless Switch Wireless Console3 Utility

1.25 MBytesupdate 2010/10/22

Version V2.5.9

ASUS Live Update Utility for Win7

1.19 MBytesupdate 2009/09/07

Wireless 7

Version V6.5.1035.26

WiMAX Wireless LAN Driver

52.67 MBytesupdate 2011/08/02

Version V9.2.0.419

Wireless Lan Driver and Application

21.5 MBytesupdate 2011/07/13

Version V6.2.1202.26

11.15 MBytesupdate 2011/07/04

Version V14.1.1.3

Intel R WiFifamily WiFi Wireless LAN Driver

52.14 MBytesupdate 2011/06/02

Version V14.0.2.2

97.45 MBytesupdate 2011/05/27

Version V9.0.0.222

Azurewave NB037 Wireless Lan Driver and Application

124.62 MBytesupdate 2011/03/16

Version V1.5.3.1

7.52 MBytesupdate 2010/07/30

BlueTooth 4

Version V7.4.0.40

Azurewave BlueTooth driver

197.46 MBytesupdate 2011/07/12

Version V1.1.0.0537

Intel BlueTooth driver

38.71 MBytesupdate 2011/06/02

Version V1.1.0.0157

6.85 MBytesupdate 2011/06/02

Version V7.2.0.65

99.9 MBytesupdate 2011/04/13

Others 2

Version V10.5.0.1026

Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver

448.56 KBytesupdate 2011/06/30

Version V7.0.0.1144

Intel Management Engine Interface

11.82 MBytesupdate 2011/01/17

Manual 1

Version V1.0.3


183.79 MBytesupdate 2011/07/22