Titleist Driver Serial Number

titleist driver serial number

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Titleist AP2 iron knockoff

An oldie but a goodie. While the Titleist 975D is an old driver, it just works. I used to hit it as a kid, and have since reconnected without a hitch.

Titleist 915/913 Surefit. 335 - RH Adaptor Sleeve Tip Driver TIT-915 Aftermarket no serial number Titleist 915 surefit adapter. This is. 335, and will fit all.

Thomas T

5 years ago

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

Hi Thomas,

As you can imagine, protecting the Titleist brand from counterfeiters is something we take very seriously and our brand protection team vigorously protects our intellectual property.  Lately there has been an increase of counterfeit golf products making their way into the marketplace. While we have a program to aggressively pursue those who engage in these practices, some counterfeit product finds its way into the marketplace, especially via the internet. 

To that end, to ensure that you purchase authentic Titleist product, always buy from an authorized Titleist retailer. Our products are primarily sold at golf courses, off course golf specialty shops and certain sporting goods stores.  When you make purchases in these unauthorized locations, there is a much greater chance that the products offered are counterfeit.

If you would like more information on how to spot counterfeit products and how to report them, please follow this link:    

Robert B

4 years ago

Mike S

Austin M

Matt S

Why is the website link still here on our site. 

IMO, the website mentioned sells seconds or rejects from the factory. They also have a Japan only release of a Titleist Iron, also most likely a reject.

The reason the serial numbers come up wrong, is there is no serial number to begin with and the people selling the clubs think they need it, so either make one up, or copy. 

Quality control is big at Titleist and all the OEMs I imagine, so rejects/defects have to be common In this economy destroying rejects is not cost effective and I bet the rejects are sold off for lower than cost to be sold at less than cost. Tooling for counterfeit irons/Drivers is expensive and I doubt it is as wide spread as it seems.

Like the OP said, the sole grinds and other details of finishing will be off. They also could not be USGA conforming and /or defective. In a driver or multi cavity Iron, the results of a defect could be dangerous.

Josh G

Gerry T

Nate S


Thomas T

julio b

John J

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Matt D

Cole P

2 months ago.

Golf Clubs of Distinction are items for sale that meet most or all of the following criteria. classic clubs in design or reputation; unusual or hard-to-come-by clubs.

Titleist 913D3 is a high performance 445cc classic pear shaped driver that delivers tour inspired workability with distance and forgiveness.

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Counterfeit Problem. It s estimated that as many as 2 million counterfeit golf clubs are produced each year. To put that number in perspective, if you laid every fake.