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Airfoils import-export from-to. DAT. COR or. PRO files.

Airfoils import from raster file . bmp, . tif, etc.

Advanced search by filtering based on library, name, thickness, camber and other geometrical parameters.

Automatic computing for geometrical parameters.

A new grid for an easy input of airfoil coordinates.

Listing of similar airfoils.

Graphical comparing on more airfoils

Airfoils processing functions:

Mix of two airfoils. This lets you to create a new airfoil by mixing two selected from the database. You can also define the mixing percentage.

With this function you can generate the intermediate airfoils in a wing with different ones at root and tips. So you can then generate the polars and check the aerodynamic of your new wing

New airfoils creation by using upper and lower parts of different ones

New airfoil creation by using external shape and camber line of different ones

Modification of airfoil coordinates in a visual way with the mouse, with CAD-like interface

Modification of airfoil external shape and camber line coordinates with the mouse, with CAD-like interface

Airfoil interpolation and smoothing

Modification of airfoil thickness, camber and their application points

Modification of leading edge radius

Modification of trailing edge thickness

Polars generation and analysis:

Pre-processed polars by XFoil for all the airfoils of the database at 20 predefined Reynolds numbers from 30,000 to 500,000. More then 40,000 polars in the database, ready to use.

Automatic polars preprocessing for new airfoils or new defined Re.

Automatic saving of the polars in the database

You can pre-process a big quantity of new polars by night-time processing

Graphical polars analysis for a single airfoil Vs many Re

Graphical polars analysis for a many airfoils Vs a single Re

5 different graphs for the polars

Printing polars capabilities

Polar computation for airfoils with turbolator, flapping deflection etc.

User defined polar analysis criteria

Ribs and template drawing:

The old 1.2 version could only print an airfoil with an upper a lower skin material. Now you can:

Draw three different kinds of leading edge rectangular, tilted square, rounded

Add rectangular spars according to different positioning way delta-box optimized, on the upper-lower point, on a defined point of the chord.

Draw the trailing edge

Draw from 1 to 7 rounded lightenings.

Draw the foam cutting template

Define a predefined washout.

Draw station, to improve the advancing parallelism of the hot wire.

Add and modify all these components in a ready to print rib or template.

Now you can also generate all the ribs not only for a trapezoidal wing, but also for an elliptical one.

Ribs and templates can be viewed and printed towards left or right.

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