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Is the Openssh crack only ilok 1 or has ilok 2 been cracked also. The reason I ask is because on the Kush Audio website it says Clariphonic DSP MK2 is ilok 2 and well the point from my end is this; if it s ilok 2 then do I dig my heels and resist the urge to completely skin myself for the foreseeable future and buy Zynaptiq Morph 2 which having tried I am desperate to continue working with or do I pray that it is only around the corner for a scene release. One big question with regards to buying it would be this; if I am already using Openssh crack will I be able to use a legitimate ilok software.

Thanks in advance for any and all enlightenment on this subject.

it has been discuss so many times, i m fed up

i think you have to chose between cracked or uncracked ilock plugins, you can t play two games at the same time :dancing:

only 1, but we do not know the future

When the crack evolves so the protection. Most Openssh cracks only works with old version of the protection.

This is not the time to speculate or ask, both products are goood, so buy it.

All work good with cracked ones, the only problems are from people that have adobe products

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Sorry I did try to find some info regarding it. Obviously never looked hard enough. I just thought it might be quicker to post here. Thanks for the info

Decisions decisions.

So are you saying it is possible to run ilok 2 legitimate software on a machine with ilok 1 cracked.

Lots of people doing that, see the comments of Openssh comments in the releases of AudioZ and MSJ.

I used dongles, and hate them, probably never buy one again.

In fact I do not know any legit soft that cant run with cracked ones

Sometimes nothing occurs and other times need just a reinstall like the bx_opto pedal

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