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prithviraj chauhan tv serial prithviraj chauhan tv serial prithviraj chauhan tv serial prithviraj chauhan tv serial
  • Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan 23rd February 2009 discussion, Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan 23rd February 2009 watch online, Dharti Ka Veer.
  • 3 Anas Rashid wiki Anas Rashid is an Indian Television actor. He has worked in many TV serials like Kahiin To Hoga, Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan and Aise.
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  • Hi i am rohit. Its very delightful to see anas doing diya aur baati. All the best everybody. Hope the show rockszzz. I wish even i could get a role.
Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan

Intertitle of Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan

Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan Produced by Sagar Pictures English: Prithviraj Chauhan, the Brave Warrior of the Land is an Indian historical drama broadcast on Star Plus. The story is based on Prithviraj Raso, the Apabhramsha poem by Chand Bardai which portrays the life of Prithviraj Chauhan, a 12th-century emperor in India. 1 Anas Rashid plays Prithviraj Chauhan and Rajat tokas plays Younger Prithviraj chauhan.


1 Synopsis

2 Background

3 Cast

4 Music

5 References

Synopsis edit

Prithviraj Chauhan, the Agnivanshi Rajput ruler from the Chauhan dynasty who sat on the throne of Delhi, was the son of Someshwar Chauhan, King of Ajmer. Proficient in military skills, he took the throne of Ajmer at age 13 after his father died in battle. His maternal grandfather, Anangpal Tomar, ruler of Delhi, declared Prithviraj Chauhan his heir after discovering his courage and bravery. Chauhan falls in love with Sanyogita Samyukta, the daughter of his enemy, Jaichand of Kannauj and abducted her at her swayamvara ceremony.

Background edit

The serial is based on the tales of the three most powerful ruling Rajput families of that time: those of Ajmer, Kannauj and Delhi. Roopsundari and Kamlavati were daughters of the King of Delhi, Anangpal I. Kamlavati was married to Someshwar Chauhan of Ajmer and Roopsundari to Vijaypal of Kannauj. Someshwar and Kamlavati were worried about not having an heir. They offered prayers and sought blessings from the God for a child. Someshwar thanks Vijaypal and Roopsundari for supporting them. Kamlavati suggests Someshwar marry another woman so that the dynasty will have an heir, but he dismisses that suggestion. Finally, Someshwar is happy to know that Kamlavati will soon conceive and proclaims it. After some time, Kamlavati and Someshwar pray to God and are blessed with a son they name Prithviraj Chauhan III. Prithvi is sent to Gurukul to study and gain martial skill. A brilliant student, Prithvi attends the Vansaj of Eklavya who can hit targets with a bow and arrow by merely hearing them. He also learns from Shabd Bhedi Baan Vidya.

Cast edit

Anas Rashid - Prithviraj Chauhan

Rajat Tokas - Young Prithviraj Chauhan

Mugdha Chaphekar - Samyukta

Richa Mukherjee - Vaisali

Chinki Jaiswal - Rajkumari Pratha

Vimmy Bhatt - Jwala

Jas Arora - Someshwar

Sunila Karambekar - Kamalavati

Mehul Vyas - Sanjham

Harsh Rajput - Pundir

Raja Gulati - Chand

Gaurav Kumar - Arjun

Jay Soni - Samar Singh

Sheetal Dabholkar - Sanyogita

Puja Joshi - Sanyogita

Sarika Dhillon - Pratha

Preet Saluja - Samer Singh

Kumar Hegde - Jaichand of Kannauj

Rizwana Sheikh - Yuva Vaisali

Javed Khan - Chander

Irfan Hossain - Muhammad of Ghor

Guest appearances

Raji Patel - Gitanjali

Nirmal Pandey - Ghori

Chetan Hansraj - Raja Bhimdev

Music edit

Sagar Pictures released an original soundtrack for the television series with lyrics and music by composer Ravindra Jain. The title song was written by Sohan Sharma and composed by Gaurav Issar. The songs were sung by Ajoy Chakrabarty, Udit Narayan, Roop Kumar Rathod, Babul Supriyo, Sadhna Sargam, Suresh Wadkar, Shreya Ghoshal and Sadhna Sargam.

Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan title song sung by Shahid Malliya

O Vidhaata sung by Roop Kumar Rathod, Sadhna Sargam

Raj Dulare so ja sung by Sadhna Sargam

Uttaradhikaari sung by Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty

Sun re Megha sung by Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal

Jai Bholenath Babul Supriyo, Sushil Kumar

Mitti sung by Suresh Wadkar

References edit

StarTV Retrieved 30 December 2014.  Missing or empty title help

Retrieved from Dharti_Ka_Veer_Yodha_Prithviraj_Chauhan oldid 687523426

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What this handout is about

This handout will provide a broad overview of gathering and using evidence. It will help you decide what counts as evidence, put evidence to work in your writing, and determine whether you have enough evidence. It will also offer links to additional resources.


Many papers that you write in college will require you to make an argument; this means that you must take a position on the subject you are discussing and support that position with evidence. It s important that you use the right kind of evidence, that you use it effectively, and that you have an appropriate amount of it. If, for example, your philosophy professor didn t like it that you used a survey of public opinion as your primary evidence in your ethics paper, you need to find out more about what philosophers count as good evidence. If your instructor has told you that you need more analysis, suggested that you re just listing points or giving a laundry list, or asked you how certain points are related to your argument, it may mean that you can do more to fully incorporate your evidence into your argument. Comments like for example., proof., go deeper, or expand in the margins of your graded paper suggest that you may need more evidence. Let s take a look at each of these issues understanding what counts as evidence, using evidence in your argument, and deciding whether you need more evidence.

What counts as evidence.

Before you begin gathering information for possible use as evidence in your argument, you need to be sure that you understand the purpose of your assignment. If you are working on a project for a class, look carefully at the assignment prompt. It may give you clues about what sorts of evidence you will need. Does the instructor mention any particular books you should use in writing your paper or the names of any authors who have written about your topic. How long should your paper be longer works may require more, or more varied, evidence. What themes or topics come up in the text of the prompt. Our handout on understanding writing assignments can help you interpret your assignment. It s also a good idea to think over what has been said about the assignment in class and to talk with your instructor if you need clarification or guidance.

What matters to instructors.

Instructors in different academic fields expect different kinds of arguments and evidence your chemistry paper might include graphs, charts, statistics, and other quantitative data as evidence, whereas your English paper might include passages from a novel, examples of recurring symbols, or discussions of characterization in the novel. Consider what kinds of sources and evidence you have seen in course readings and lectures. You may wish to see whether the Writing Center has a handout regarding the specific academic field you re working in for example, literature, sociology, or history.

What are primary and secondary sources.

A note on terminology: many researchers distinguish between primary and secondary sources of evidence in this case, primary means first or original, not most important. Primary sources include original documents, photographs, interviews, and so forth. Secondary sources present information that has already been processed or interpreted by someone else. For example, if you are writing a paper about the movie The Matrix, the movie itself, an interview with the director, and production photos could serve as primary sources of evidence. A movie review from a magazine or a collection of essays about the film would be secondary sources. Depending on the context, the same item could be either a primary or a secondary source: if I am writing about people s relationships with animals, a collection of stories about animals might be a secondary source; if I am writing about how editors gather diverse stories into collections, the same book might now function as a primary source.

Where can I find evidence.

Here are some examples of sources of information and tips about how to use them in gathering evidence. Ask your instructor if you aren t sure whether a certain source would be appropriate for your paper.

Print and electronic sources

Books, journals, websites, newspapers, magazines, and documentary films are some of the most common sources of evidence for academic writing. Our handout on evaluating print sources will help you choose your print sources wisely, and the library has a tutorial on evaluating both print sources and websites. A librarian can help you find sources that are appropriate for the type of assignment you are completing. Just visit the reference desk at Davis or the Undergraduate Library or chat with a librarian online the library s IM screen name is undergradref.


Sometimes you can directly observe the thing you are interested in, by watching, listening to, touching, tasting, or smelling it. For example, if you were asked to write about Mozart s music, you could listen to it; if your topic was how businesses attract traffic, you might go and look at window displays at the mall.


An interview is a good way to collect information that you can t find through any other type of research. An interview can provide an expert s opinion, biographical or first-hand experiences, and suggestions for further research.


Surveys allow you to find out some of what a group of people thinks about a topic. Designing an effective survey and interpreting the data you get can be challenging, so it s a good idea to check with your instructor before creating or administering a survey.


Experimental data serve as the primary form of scientific evidence. For scientific experiments, you should follow the specific guidelines of the discipline you are studying. For writing in other fields, more informal experiments might be acceptable as evidence. For example, if you want to prove that food choices in a cafeteria are affected by gender norms, you might ask classmates to undermine those norms on purpose and observe how others react. What would happen if a football player were eating dinner with his teammates and he brought a small salad and diet drink to the table, all the while murmuring about his waistline and wondering how many fat grams the salad dressing contained.

Personal experience

Using your own experiences can be a powerful way to appeal to your readers. You should, however, use personal experience only when it is appropriate to your topic, your writing goals, and your audience. Personal experience should not be your only form of evidence in most papers, and some disciplines frown on using personal experience at all. For example, a story about the microscope you received as a Christmas gift when you were nine years old is probably not applicable to your biology lab report.

Using evidence in an argument

Does evidence speak for itself.

Absolutely not. After you introduce evidence into your writing, you must say why and how this evidence supports your argument. In other words, you have to explain the significance of the evidence and its function in your paper. What turns a fact or piece of information into evidence is the connection it has with a larger claim or argument: evidence is always evidence for or against something, and you have to make that link clear.

As writers, we sometimes assume that our readers already know what we are talking about; we may be wary of elaborating too much because we think the point is obvious. But readers can t read our minds: although they may be familiar with many of the ideas we are discussing, they don t know what we are trying to do with those ideas unless we indicate it through explanations, organization, transitions, and so forth. Try to spell out the connections that you were making in your mind when you chose your evidence, decided where to place it in your paper, and drew conclusions based on it. Remember, you can always cut prose from your paper later if you decide that you are stating the obvious.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about a particular bit of evidence. Answering them may help you explain how your evidence is related to your overall argument:

O.k., I ve just stated this point, but so what. Why is it interesting. Why should anyone care.

What does this information imply.

What are the consequences of thinking this way or looking at a problem this way.

I ve just described what something is like or how I see it, but why is it like that.

I ve just said that something happens-so how does it happen. How does it come to be the way it is.

Why is this information important. Why does it matter.

How is this idea related to my thesis. What connections exist between them. Does it support my thesis. If so, how does it do that.

Can I give an example to illustrate this point.

How can I incorporate evidence into my paper.

There are many ways to present your evidence. Often, your evidence will be included as text in the body of your paper, as a quotation, paraphrase, or summary. Sometimes you might include graphs, charts, or tables; excerpts from an interview; or photographs or illustrations with accompanying captions.


When you quote, you are reproducing another writer s words exactly as they appear on the page. Here are some tips to help you decide when to use quotations:

Quote if you can t say it any better and the author s words are particularly brilliant, witty, edgy, distinctive, a good illustration of a point you re making, or otherwise interesting.

Quote if you are using a particularly authoritative source and you need the author s expertise to back up your point.

Quote if you are analyzing diction, tone, or a writer s use of a specific word or phrase.

Quote if you are taking a position that relies on the reader s understanding exactly what another writer says about the topic.

Be sure to introduce each quotation you use, and always cite your sources. See our handout on quotations for more details on when to quote and how to format quotations.

Like all pieces of evidence, a quotation can t speak for itself. If you end a paragraph with a quotation, that may be a sign that you have neglected to discuss the importance of the quotation in terms of your argument. It s important to avoid plop quotations, that is, quotations that are just dropped into your paper without any introduction, discussion, or follow-up.


When you paraphrase, you take a specific section of a text and put it into your own words. Putting it into your own words doesn t mean just changing or rearranging a few of the author s words: to paraphrase well and avoid plagiarism, try setting your source aside and restating the sentence or paragraph you have just read, as though you were describing it to another person. Paraphrasing is different than summary because a paraphrase focuses on a particular, fairly short bit of text like a phrase, sentence, or paragraph. You ll need to indicate when you are paraphrasing someone else s text by citing your source correctly, just as you would with a quotation.

When might you want to paraphrase.

Paraphrase when you want to introduce a writer s position, but his or her original words aren t special enough to quote.

Paraphrase when you are supporting a particular point and need to draw on a certain place in a text that supports your point for example, when one paragraph in a source is especially relevant.

Paraphrase when you want to present a writer s view on a topic that differs from your position or that of another writer; you can then refute writer s specific points in your own words after you paraphrase.

Paraphrase when you want to comment on a particular example that another writer uses.

Paraphrase when you need to present information that s unlikely to be questioned.


When you summarize, you are offering an overview of an entire text, or at least a lengthy section of a text. Summary is useful when you are providing background information, grounding your own argument, or mentioning a source as a counter-argument. A summary is less nuanced than paraphrased material. It can be the most effective way to incorporate a large number of sources when you don t have a lot of space. When you are summarizing someone else s argument or ideas, be sure this is clear to the reader and cite your source appropriately.

Statistics, data, charts, graphs, photographs, illustrations

Sometimes the best evidence for your argument is a hard fact or visual representation of a fact. This type of evidence can be a solid backbone for your argument, but you still need to create context for your reader and draw the connections you want him or her to make. Remember that statistics, data, charts, graph, photographs, and illustrations are all open to interpretation. Guide the reader through the interpretation process. Again, always, cite the origin of your evidence if you didn t produce the material you are using yourself.

Do I need more evidence.

Let s say that you ve identified some appropriate sources, found some evidence, explained to the reader how it fits into your overall argument, incorporated it into your draft effectively, and cited your sources. How do you tell whether you ve got enough evidence and whether it s working well in the service of a strong argument or analysis. Here are some techniques you can use to review your draft and assess your use of evidence.

Make a reverse outline

A reverse outline is a great technique for helping you see how each paragraph contributes to proving your thesis. When you make a reverse outline, you record the main ideas in each paragraph in a shorter outline-like form so that you can see at a glance what is in your paper. The reverse outline is helpful in at least three ways. First, it lets you see where you have dealt with too many topics in one paragraph in general, you should have one main idea per paragraph. Second, the reverse outline can help you see where you need more evidence to prove your point or more analysis of that evidence. Third, the reverse outline can help you write your topic sentences: once you have decided what you want each paragraph to be about, you can write topic sentences that explain the topics of the paragraphs and state the relationship of each topic to the overall thesis of the paper.

For tips on making a reverse outline, see our handout on organization.

Color code your paper

You will need three highlighters or colored pencils for this exercise. Use one color to highlight general assertions. These will typically be the topic sentences in your paper. Next, use another color to highlight the specific evidence you provide for each assertion including quotations, paraphrased or summarized material, statistics, examples, and your own ideas. Lastly, use another color to highlight analysis of your evidence. Which assertions are key to your overall argument. Which ones are especially contestable. How much evidence do you have for each assertion. How much analysis. In general, you should have at least as much analysis as you do evidence, or your paper runs the risk of being more summary than argument. The more controversial an assertion is, the more evidence you may need to provide in order to persuade your reader.

Play devil s advocate, act like a child, or doubt everything

This technique may be easiest to use with a partner. Ask your friend to take on one of the roles above, then read your paper aloud to him/her. After each section, pause and let your friend interrogate you. If your friend is playing devil s advocate, he or she will always take the opposing viewpoint and force you to keep defending yourself. If your friend is acting like a child, he or she will question every sentence, even seemingly self-explanatory ones. If your friend is a doubter, he or she won t believe anything you say. Justifying your position verbally or explaining yourself will force you to strengthen the evidence in your paper. If you already have enough evidence but haven t connected it clearly enough to your main argument, explaining to your friend how the evidence is relevant or what it proves may help you to do so.

Common questions and additional resources

I think that I m giving evidence, but my instructor says I m using too much summary. How can I tell. Check out our handout on using summary wisely.

I want to use personal experience as evidence, but can I say I. We have a handout on when to use I.

Works consulted

We consulted these works while writing the original version of this handout. This is not a comprehensive list of resources on the handout s topic, and we encourage you to do your own research to find the latest publications on this topic. Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial.

Lunsford, Andrea A., and John J. Ruszkiewicz, John J. Everything s an argument. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin s, 1999

Miller, Richard E., and Kurt Spellmeyer. The New Humanities Reader Home Page. 22 Feb. 2005

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

You may reproduce it for non-commercial use if you use the entire handout just click print and attribute the source: The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Download as PDF

If you enjoy using our handouts, we appreciate contributions of acknowledgement.

Fun learning activities for kids. Reading, writing, math, science and more.

How to write, compile, and load plugin driver.


The are two distinct type of drivers in Player:

Static drivers have their code in the main Player distribution, and are statically linked into the server. Generally speaking, such drivers will be added by the lead developers.

Plugin drivers are shared objects that are loaded at runtime like loadable modules in the Linux kernel. They are the recommended method for all new, experimental or third party drivers.

Plugin drivers have serveral advantanges over their static counterparts:

They are easier to build no mucking about with CMake, or digging about in the server internals.

They permit rapid development and a much faster code/compile/test cycle the server does not need to be recompiled/relinked when the driver changes.

Code can be maintained in a separate source repository. This is particularly useful for users with funky one-off drivers that belong with the rest of their code, data, papers, etc and not in the Player source tree.

This document describes the process for creating new plugin drivers. It assumes you are familiar with C, class inheritance, and thread programming.

A plugin driver example

Sample code for a very basic plugin driver is provided in the examples directory; for a default install, this will be:


Copy the files from this directory into a new directory somewhere on your disk. Try building the example:

This produces a plugin driver named You can test the model using the included configuration file:

The driver block in the config file has an additional field plugin specifying the path to the plugin, i.e.,:


name exampledriver


provides position:0

Writing a simple driver

The first step in creating a new driver is to decide which interface it will support. The existing interfaces are described in the Interface specifications section, and their various message structures and constants are defined in player.h. Although you can create a new interface, you should try to fit your driver to an existing interface, of which there are many. By deciding to support an existing interface, you ll have less work to do in the server, and will likely have instant client support for your driver in several languages.

To create a new driver, you should create a new class for the driver, which should inherit from the Driver class. This base class defines a standard API, part of which the new driver must implement other parts it may choose to override. We now describe the salient aspects of the Driver class.

The constructor

Simple drivers will use the following Driver constructor:

Driver::Driver ConfigFile cf, int section, int interface, uint8_t access,

size_t datasize, size_t commandsize,

size_t reqqueuelen, size_t repqueuelen ;

This constructor will establish the buffers and queues that allow the Player server to interface with the driver. The preamble for the example driver, for example, looks like this:

ExampleDriver::ExampleDriver ConfigFile cf, int section


sizeof player_position_data_t, sizeof player_position_cmd_t, 10, 10

The preamble indicates that this driver:

Supports the position interface indicated by PLAYER_POSITION_CODE ;

Allows read/write access from clients PLAYER_ALL_MODE ;

Has a data buffer large enough to accomodate a standard position interface data packet sizeof player_position_data_t ;

Has a command buffer large enough to accomodate a standard position interface command packet sizeof player_position_cmd_t ;

Can queue up to 10 incoming configuration requests and 10 outgoing configuration replies.

The cf and section parameters are passed in by the server; these values to access driver-specific options stored in the Player configuration file. Thus, for example, the driver constructor can read the value of some setting foo :

this- foop cf- ReadInt section, foo, 0 ;

This might be the serial port from which to read data, for example. See the ConfigFile documentation for the various kinds of options that can be read from the configuration file.


When the first client subscribes to a driver, the driver s MainSetup method is called; every driver must implement this method. The Setup method generally does two things:

Do some device-specific initialization e.g., open a serial port.

Start the driver thread using Driver::StartThread.

Player is a multi-threaded application, with most drivers running in their own thread; this makes it particularly easy to write drivers that read/write data from serial ports, network sockets, disk files and so on.

After initialization, MainSetup should return either zero to indicate that the device was successfully setup, or non-zero to indicate that setup failed the latter will cause Player to terminate.


When the last client unsubscribes from a device, the driver s Shutdown method is called; every driver must implement this method. The MainQuit method generally does two things:

Stop the driver thread using Driver::StopThread.

Do some device-specific finalization e.g., close a serial port.

Note that the ordering is important here: we must shut down the driver thread before we release the resources it is using; to this end, Driver::StopThread will tell the driver thread to quit, and wait until it exits before returning.

Shutdown should return either zero to indicate that device was successfully shutdown, or non-zero to indicate that shutdown failed.


The Driver::Startup method will result in the creation of a new thread of control, which will immediately call Driver::Main. Every driver must this overload this method. The overloaded Main method is generally responsible for translating between some device-specific API and the standard Player interfaces. The basic steps are as follows:

For incoming data:

Read data from some external device over a serial port, for example.

Massage the data into one of the Player interface data structures.

Write the data to the Player server using Driver::PutData.

For outgoing data commands :

Read commands from the Player server using Driver::GetCommand.

Massage the command into a device specific format.

Write the command to the external device.

The Driver::PutData and Driver::GetCommand methods manage all of the buffering and locking required to synchronize the driver and server threads.

The overloaded Main method is also responsible for handling any configuration request sent to the driver; the basic steps are as follows:

Check for a new request using Driver::GetConfig.

Do whatever needs to be done for this request.

Send a response using Driver::PutReply.

Note that your driver must respond, one way or another, to each and every request. Failing to respond to requests will cause client programs to hang when talking to the driver.

The overloaded Main must also be capable of graceful termination i.e., the function should exit cleanly when the user kills the server. This can be achieved by calling pthread_testcancel from within the main loop. This function checks to see if the driver thread should terminate, and if so, immediately exits Main. If additional cleanup is required, drivers can also overload Driver::MainQuit, which is guaranteed to be called on thread termination.


In order to instantiate a driver, the Player server needs to know two things:

The driver s name as it will appear in the configuration file.

The driver s factory function used to create a new instance of the driver. The factory function will generally look something like this:

Driver ExampleDriver_Init ConfigFile cf, int section

return Driver new ExampleDriver cf, section ;

Note that this function may be called multiple times: once for each occurance of the driver name in the configuration file.

Each driver must register itself with the server using the DriverTable::AddDriver, providing the driver name and factory function. Drivers must therefore define a registration function as follows:

void ExampleDriver_Register DriverTable table

table- AddDriver exampledriver, ExampleDriver_Init ;

This function must be called exactly once, on program startup. For plugin drivers, this can be achieved by defining an initialization function for the shared object:

extern C

int player_driver_init DriverTable table

ExampleDriver_Register table ;

return 0;

This function will be called when the shared object is loaded, before any drivers are instantiated. The extern C block is used to prevent C name mangling of the intialization function.

Building the shared library

The example driver includes a CMakeLists.txt file set up for building the driver s shared objects. The process for building a plugin driver with CMake is very much like the process for building and installing Player. From within your source directory, try:

mkdir build

cd build

cmake. .


The build directory should now contain built from the C source. Note that if your plugin driver file is in a separate directory than your Player configuration file, you may have to edit the config file to reflect the path to the plugin.

CMake is the preferred method for building Player plugins, but plugin drivers are also easy to build manually from the command line. To skip the CMake steps and manually build a shared object, try:

g -Wall -g3 -c

g -shared -nostartfiles -o exampledriver.o

While the above method will probably work, it is recommended that you use pkg-config to get the compile flags; i.e.,

g -Wall -g3 pkg-config --cflags player -c


- Add example of building plugin using libtool.

Add theory from Architecture Chapter of the old manual.

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writing player driver writing player driver

Free Motorola Phone Driver Download

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1 Welcome Welcome to Motorola s connected world of Bluetooth personal area wireless networking. The Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Hands Free Car Kit makes.

A library of over 250,000 device drivers, firmware, BIOS and utilities for Windows.

MyJAL MediaPal. Upload J2ME applications, wallpaper, and ring tones to your Nextel Motorola phone. Free to try.

This page contains the list of Motorola drivers available for free download. This list is updated weekly, so you can always download a new driver or update driver to.

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free motorola phone driver download

Appian PCI IDE Controller Driver, Realtek AC 97 Audio Driver, Intel R 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to AGP Controller - 2571 Driver, NETGEAR.

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free motorola phone driver download

Dell 1505 Wireless Driver Windows 7

dell 1505 wireless driver windows 7

Please read the following terms and click Yes, I Agree if you agree to them.

By clicking the Yes, I Agree button, you agree to allow Dell to add and or remove a registry entry making a Trusted Site for your Internet browser. Adding as a Trusted Site is required for Dell System Detect to function correctly in certain operating systems.

We automatically detect your system configuration and Service Tag

Dell will automatically detect and display your system configuration details and service tag, enabling us to: Determine whether or not your system is still covered under warrantyKnow what software is currently installed on your system Find compatible drivers and utilities for your productProvide you with relevant articles and self-help topicsCollect software usage data

Dell offers a variety of Software applications designed to provide you with the most optimized user and support experience possible. You may have selected some of these applications as part of the purchase of your computer. When these applications are installed on your system, you can see them labeled as Support Software, Dell or under their titled name in Add or Remove Programs Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. Aside from your unique service tag number, none of the system configuration or use data can be used to identify you. Dell will treat the data we collect in accordance with Dell s privacy statement. To learn more about Dell s privacy practices or for more details about how Dell handles personal information, please take a look at Dell s Privacy Statement at Support resources are available at

Allowing Dell to collect this information on an on-going basis for use and storage in servers that may be outside of your country can enable you to receive software updates and alerts that are specific to your system, as well as customized product information and offers available from Dell, its affiliates and its business associates namely, providers of products and services on Dell applications.

Removing the Software

If you have any concerns about the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement or the Dell Privacy Statement, you may uninstall the program through Add/Remove Programs by following the online uninstall guide. The use of the program is also subject to the terms of your Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Sale if in the US or the applicable service agreement and terms of sale on your local website.

Dell End User License AgreementThis is a legal agreement Agreement between you, the user, and Dell Products L.P., a Texas limited partnership, or Dell Global B.V. Singapore Branch, a Singapore branch of a company incorporated in The Netherlands with limited liability, on behalf of itself, Dell Inc., and Dell Inc. s other subsidiaries and affiliates together Dell. This Agreement covers all software Software and any upgrades, updates, patches, hotfixes, modules, routines, feature enhancements and additional versions of the Software that replace or supplement the original Software collectively Updates distributed by Dell unless there is a separate license agreement between you and the manufacturer or owner of the Software or Update. Please go to the Dell Software License Agreement to view the applicable version of this agreement for your region. If there is no separate license agreement then this Agreement governs your use of Updates, and such Updates will be considered Software for all purposes of this EULA. This Agreement is not for the sale of Software or any other intellectual property. All title and intellectual property rights in and to Software are owned and retained by the manufacturer or owner of the Software. All rights not expressly granted under this Agreement are reserved by the manufacturer or owner of the Software. By opening or breaking the seal on the Software packet s, installing, downloading, activating the Software, click-accepting these terms or using the Software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not install, download, activate or otherwise use the Software and must promptly return for a full refund all Software including accompanying media, written materials and packaging or delete any Software, as directed by Dell; for software included with your purchase of hardware, you must return the entire hardware/software package. The right to a full refund does not apply to any updates or upgrades subject to the terms of this Agreement. If you are an entity, you acknowledge that the individual accepting these terms has appropriate authority to do so and to bind you.

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of this Agreement, Dell grants you a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable except as set forth herein, nonassignable license to use the Software in object code only on as many computers, devices, or in such configurations as you are expressly entitled, or on one computer or device if no other entitlement is specified, and for such period as you are entitled, in the case of a term license, and perpetually, if no term is specified. You may use the Software only on Dell computers or devices, with the exception of mobile device application software specifically designed by Dell to be run on non-Dell hardware. Use means to install, store, load, execute and display the Software. If you are a commercial customer of Dell, you hereby grant Dell or an agent selected by Dell the right to perform an audit of your use of the Software during normal business hours; you agree to cooperate with Dell in such audit; and you agree to provide Dell with all records reasonably related to your use of the Software. The audit will be limited to verification of your compliance with the terms of this Agreement. The Software is protected by United States and other applicable copyright laws and international treaties and may be protected under the patent laws of the applicable jurisdiction. You may make one copy of the Software solely for backup or archival purposes, or transfer it to a single hard disk or storage device provided you keep the copy solely for backup or archival purposes. You shall reproduce and include copyright and other proprietary notices on and in any copies of the Software. You may not sublicense, rent, or lease the Software or copy the written materials accompanying the Software. You may transfer the Software and all accompanying materials on a permanent basis as part of a sale or transfer of the Dell product on which it was preloaded by Dell, where applicable, if you retain no copies and the recipient agrees to the terms hereof. Any such transfer must include the most recent update and all prior versions. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, modify or create derivative works of the Software. If the package accompanying your Dell computer or device contains optical discs or other storage media, you may use only the media appropriate for your computer or device. You may not use the optical discs or storage media on another computer, device or network, or loan, rent, lease or transfer them to another user except as permitted by this Agreement.


Dell warrants that the Software media if applicable will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for 90 days from the date you receive them. This warranty is limited to you and is not transferable. Any implied warranties are limited to 90 days from the date you receive the Software. Some jurisdictions do not allow limits on the duration of an implied warranty, so this limitation may not apply to you. The entire liability of Dell and its suppliers, and your exclusive remedy, shall be, at Dell s option, either a termination of this Agreement and return of the price paid for the Software or b replacement of any media not meeting this warranty that is sent with a return authorization number to Dell, within the 90-day warranty period, at your cost and risk. This limited warranty is void if any media damage has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, or service or modification by someone other than Dell. Any replacement media is warranted for the remaining original warranty period or 30 days, whichever is longer.

Dell and its suppliers do NOT warrant that the functions of the Software will meet your requirements or that operation of the Software will be uninterrupted or error free. You assume responsibility for selecting the Software to achieve your intended results, and for the use and results obtained from the Software. The terms of this Agreement do not entitle you to any maintenance or support for the Software.




Some or all of the Software may be remotely hosted or accessible to you through the internet. In such case, Dell may suspend, terminate, withdraw, or discontinue all or part of the Software or your access to the Software upon receipt of a subpoena or law-enforcement request, or when Dell believes, in its sole discretion, that you have breached any term of this Agreement or are involved in any fraudulent, misleading or illegal activities. Dell may modify the Software at any time with or without prior notice to you. Dell may perform scheduled or unscheduled repairs or maintenance, or remotely patch or upgrade the Software installed on its and your computer system s, which may temporarily degrade the quality of the Software or result in a partial or complete outage of the Software. Updates, patches or alerts may be delivered from Dell servers, which may be located outside of your country. Dell provides no assurance that you will receive advance notification of such activities or that your use of the Software will be uninterrupted or error free.


The Software may come bundled or otherwise distributed with open source or other third party software which is subject to terms and conditions of the specific license under which it is distributed.


Under certain open source software licenses you are entitled to obtain the corresponding source files. You may find corresponding source files for the Software at or at such other locations indicated by Dell.


You are advised that the Software is subject to U.S. export laws as well as the laws of the country where it is delivered or used. You agree to abide by these laws. Under these laws, the Software may not be sold, leased or transferred to restricted countries currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, restricted end users or for restricted end-uses. You specifically agree that the Software will not be used for activities related to weapons of mass destruction, including but not limited to activities related to the design, development, production, or use of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, or nuclear weapons, missiles, or support of missile projects, or chemical or biological weapons.


The software and documentation are commercial items as that term is defined at 48 C.F.R. 2.101, consisting of commercial computer software and commercial computer software documentation as such terms are used in 48 C.F.R. 12.212. Consistent with 48 C.F.R. 12.212 and 48 C.F.R. 227.7202-1 through 227.7202-4, all U.S. Government end users acquire the software and documentation with only those rights set forth herein. Contractor/manufacturer is Dell Products L.P., One Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas, 78682.


This license is effective until terminated. It will terminate upon the conditions set forth above or if you fail to comply with any of its terms. Upon termination, you agree that the Software and accompanying materials, and all copies thereof, will be destroyed. Except as prohibited by local law, this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. Each provision of this Agreement is severable. If a provision is found to be unenforceable, this finding does not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement. This Agreement is binding on successors and assigns. Dell agrees and you agree to waive, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any right to a jury trial with respect to the Software or this Agreement. Because this waiver may not be effective in some jurisdictions, this waiver may not apply to you. You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, that you understand it, that you agree to be bound by its terms, and that this is the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement between you and Dell regarding the Software.

Type S - Rev. 040513.

DELL Inspiron 15 7547 Laptop Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers and Software; DELL Latitude E5550 Laptop Windows 7, 8.1 Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers and Software.

Dell XPS M1530 Drivers Windows Vista. SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Driver For DELL Dell XPS M1530, A03 Dell XPS M1530 Chipset driver.

Download Dell Laptops Inspiron 1525 Drivers for 7, 8, XP, Vista, Dell Laptops Inspiron 1525 Drivers Download, Update Dell Laptops Inspiron 1525 drivers, Just Download.

Driver Details

dell 1505 wireless driver windows 7

Dell Wireless 1536C 802.11 a/b/g/n 1X1 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE Combo Card. Software Application and Driver release, Version: WLAN:, BT:

Prerequisites before installing a wireless driver: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 WSUS Offline Update recommended Dell System Software Intel Chipset.

Drivers for notebook Dell Latitude D531. You can download free drivers for notebook Dell Latitude D531. All required drivers are available for download, including.

Here is the original drivers download links of Dell OptiPlex 380 desktop Windows7 32bit drivers from the official website of Dell, just one click and download your.

Download the latest Windows 7, Vista and XP drivers for your computer.

Finding the correct driver for your device has never been easier. DriverGuide maintains an archive of Dell Computer BIOS / Motherboard drivers available for free.

Windows Xp Pro Sp2 Activate

After you finish installing the Windows XP operating system on a PC computer, you will be prompted to activate your copy of the software. However, on occasion, you.

Download the latest deployment tools for help installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 SP2 on multiple computers. This file contains updates to the deployment tools and.

How to Make your Windows XP SP2/SP3 Genuine -No Crack or Activator needed

This method doesn t requires you to do a Reinstall or download risky softwares or cracks.

First we will de-activate windows and then change the product key.No restart is required.Lets begin

Do it at your own risk

Heres how

Click on Start and then Run.

In the text box in the Run window, type regedit and click OK. This will open theRegistry Editor program.

Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder under My Computer and click on the sign next the folder name to expand the folder.

Continue to expand folders until you reach theHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft WindowsNT Current Version WPAEvents registry key.

Click on the WPAEvents folder.

In the results that appear in the window on the right, locate OOBETimer.

Right-click on the OOBETimer entry and choose Modify from the resulting menu.

Change at least one digit in the Value data text box and click OK. This will deactivateWindows XP.

Feel free to close Registry Editor at this point.

In the text box in the Run window, type the following command and click OK.

systemroot system32 oobe msoobe.exe /a

When the Let s activate Windows window appears, choose Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows and then click Next.

Click the Change Product Key button at the bottom of the window.

Don t worry about filling anything out on this screen.

Type your new, valid Windows XP product key in the New key: text boxes and then click the Update button.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 SP2 Genuine Serial Key


Windows XP Service Pack 3 SP3 Genuine Serial KEy


You should now reactivate Windows XP by following the instructions on the Activate Windows by phone window which you should now be seeing or via the Internet by clicking the Back button and following the instructions on that screen.

If you d rather postpone activating Windows XP until a later date, you can click theRemind me later button.

After activating Windows XP, you can verify that activation was successful by repeating steps 9 and 10 above.

The Windows Product Activation window that appears should say Windows is already activated. Click OK to exit.

How to Bypass Windows XP SP2 Activation. Beginning with Windows XP, Microsoft put into place a verification system meant to reduce the amount of piracy of the Windows.

Your PC has Windows 8, but the info on this page is about Windows 8.1. Update now to Windows 8.1 for free.

How to Remove Windows XP Activation Key

Every Windows XP edition requires the entry of a 25-character product key during the setup process. This key is used to activate

How to Activate a Windows XP CD Key

Your Windows XP CD key is a number that you must enter in when you are installing Windows XP. It defines the

How to Change Windows XP Activation Keys

You may have found out the Windows XP activation key also called a product key that was installed in your computer, has

How to Manually Activate the Screensaver on Windows XP

Back in the day, screen savers were used to prevent images from burning into your computer monitor when not in use. While

How to Manually Start Screen Savers in Windows XP

Screen savers are images that display on your computer screen after a period of inactivity. While screen savers were initially introduced to

How to Activate Windows XP

Windows XP is one of the most prominent operating systems. It is installed on over 80 percent of the PCs in use

How to Change the Windows XP Product Activation Key Code

When you first install Windows XP on your computer, you must enter a product code to complete the installation. You may need

How to Activate a Windows XP Product Key

Starting with Windows XP Microsoft made registering its operating systems mandatory to prevent software from being pirated. Once each computer product key

How to Activate Windows XP With a Different Key

Reactivating your current copy of Windows XP with a different product key is necessary when you plan on moving your current XP

How to Activate Windows XP With a Pro Key

Windows XP comes in both Home and Professional editions. If you would like to activate your copy of Windows XP with a

How to Update Windows XP Without Product Activation

Windows notifies users with Windows XP of any updates for that operating system. These updates allow users to have the current version

How to Activate Windows XP Professional SP2

Windows XP Professional SP2 must be activated when installed on a computer. This activation ensures that the product is being used in

How to Activate Windows Vista Without a Product Key

Windows Vista can be activated without a product key when you edit the Windows Vista registry. You can bypass the need to

How to Delete a Product Key Activation in Windows Vista

In every installation of Microsoft Windows, a product key is entered for the operating system to activate. For small to large companies,

How to Change the Windows Product Activation Key

When Service Pack 1 was released for Windows XP, Microsoft realized a large number of versions were pirated, so they altered future

How to Change the Windows XP Serial Key

Due in part to its relatively high cost, early editions of Microsoft s Windows operating system were widely pirated by users who installed

How to Find the Windows Product Activation Key

A product key is used to validate your copy of Windows operating system on your computer. In the absence of a valid

How to Activate Windows XP Without the Internet or Phone

Windows XP activation is required by Microsoft in an effort to thwart piracy. Each copy is individually activated usually via the Internet.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 SP2 is a cumulative service pack that includes the latest updates and provides enhancements to security and stability.

I just reformatted my comp again.. Gone all my beloved documents, I don t even had enough time to make my own Mount. FFX Madman before my comp is reformatted.

windows xp pro sp2 activate How to Activate Windows XP Without Key

Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Create Bootable CD By: Arie Slob. Slipstreaming a Service Pack, is the process to integrate the Service Pack into the.

windows xp pro sp2 activate